Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm here

So, after a long 5 day car trip which included a Border Patrol stop, lots of sand, Rattlesnake warnings and snow, yes snow, I finally made it to Los Angeles. Got my lease signed and moved myself into my lil apartment. Here are some small observations I have made so far:

1. Its hard to be hip and fashionable in the cold! I watch as guys are still walking around in Flip Flops and jeans in 36 degree weather cause they don't know whats hip in winter wear until someone takes a pic of Ashton or Brad in the snow! Quick, someone pass the info along before a struggling actor looses a toe to frostbite!

2. Basic Spanish is a must around here, apparently. I figured I could get away with it like the officers on cops do cause they just get an officer that is Bilingual. Also Thai and Japanese will help.

3. For a town big on being healthy, they sure do like their chili on stuff. I like chili to, but I actually saw a breakfast sammich with chili. I think L.a. eats more chili than any city in Texas

4. I like that I can walk everywhere..........grocery store, 99 cent store, Home Depot, I can walk to them all. Now, if the bank was in walking distance I'd be set

Okay, I promise to send pics soon of my place and the great view from the roof and my windows! Until then, stay cool everyone!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pass the ole' El Paso

Hey Guys,

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I am on the road and when I rolled into El Paso, I picked a specific hotel cause they had wireless Internet only to find their Internet was not working. They had 2 computers in their lobby and there was ALWAYS a wait to use them. Even at 6am in the morning there were 3 people waiting to use the computers there. Show you ow many people are now using Internet when they travel! Well, Now I'm in Phoenix, Az. and have a great Internet connection so here I am. Now a few of my observations:

San Antonio is a beautiful city. Even in January, they have tons of plants being maintained and the streets are clean and the riverwalk is just stunning. If you get the chance, go and spend some time there. I went to the Alamo and asked the lady behind the counter how many times she was asked about the basement since the PeeWee movie hit and she just rolled her eyes. They take their Alamo very seriously here, folks! No Photos and no LOUD talking. I saw her Shhhhish 2 ladies twice like a librarian! They feel the Alamo is a living memorial to those who died for Texas independence and they are VERY serious about it! I did get a fridge magnet in the gift shop and a bottle of "Alamo" water.....no joke. I also went up the "Tower of the Americas" which is the second largest free standing structure in the U.S. It was built for the "HemisFair" in 1968. You ever wonder why a Worlds fair must have a gigantic tower???? Maybe someone from Seattle or Toronto can answer that one for me.

Am I the only person in Texas who does NOT have a huge pickup??? or a huge HAT for that matter???? I sure felt like it

Don't ever run outta gas in West Texas. No, I didn't, but I saw people that did and I drove almost 600 miles and saw 2 police officers in that time. There is NOTHING on I-10 out there. The one BIG own between San Antonio and El Paso is Ft. Stockton, which is about 3000 people or so. Don't get me wrong, there are some majestic scenes of the Texas desert to view, just make sure you're viewing them from a running car heading towards some sort of civilization!

El Paso is built on the side of a mountain so it slopes upward. The stores are all built on levels, the store behind the one your in is almost one story higher and so on. the cool thing is when you walk out, you have an unobstructed view of the lights of Juarez< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_14" onclick="BLOG_clickHandler(this)">Paso is not a vacation destination by any means, but if your there, drive up a few streets then look south, its really neat.

Today I left early and headed out to New Mexico. New Mexico is alot like Georgia in that there is alot of orange cones set up to look like construction, but it looked more like an excuse to charge people double the traffic fine. I think 50 of my 165 miles of New Mexico was driven at a snails pace of 45 MPH *The posted Construction zone speed limit* Since the speed limit in West Texas was 85, this was almost painful. Good thing I filled up in El Paso, I didn't even need to stop in New Mexico.

The desert of Arizona is also very beautiful. Large Boulders and rocks of different colors and a very well kept highway.

I Know what "The Thing" is and I ain't Talkin! http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/AZCOCthing.html

So now I'm in Phoenix. Went to Alice Cooper's restaurant "Alice Cooperstown" *Yes, Its right by the new ball park* Very good food, good music, and what looks like a very cool venue for a live gig. *Soulaz, get LiMBO to play here!*

So, Tomorrow I roll into L.a. I wanna stop and see the dinosaurs *You'll see* and I'll post some pics of my new place. Till then, keep reading!


Pics from my trip

Here are some pics I promised!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Mouthful of Boudin

Well, So much has happened in a few days. First off, I dunno where I packed my USB cable so pics may wait a few days gang, but I promise to get them on here!

So day one took me through storms in jacksonville, Fl. and lunch with TEZ. She is a brunette now and she looks really good. She sends her love to all the Soul Patrol and will be in Birmingham in March to see us all.

Then I made it to Long Beach, Ms. and stayed the night with Wayne and Robin, who were just fabulous and very gracious to open their home to me for the night. We took a ride down to the beach and looked at all the devestation that wa left my Hurricane Katrina. Yes, Its still there, well, Its NOT there meaning there were alot of empty slabs where buildings used to be............yes, even now after all this time, Katrina is felt through the whole region.

Wayne made some wonderful mississippi BBQ and it was fabulous. also got to see the Chevelle. It was great. Thanks guys for a faboulous time!

Day two first took me to Iona, La. to visit Diane's second grade class and talk about movies and how they are made. They had a great time and I had a wonderful time talking with them. I made a promise to send them pictures and to keep thm updated. The main Idea was to let them know that even in a tiny town, they can dream big!

Then I met Missie for coffee in Lake Charles, La. She is looking as pretty as ever and we had a great time catching up on things. She will be in Bham to, gang and says HI to everyone!

Right now I'm in San Antonio, TX. Tommorow I visit the Alamo before heading to El Paso! Till then, stay cool!


Sunday, January 7, 2007

T-16 hours and counting........the adventure begins!

Okay gang,

The car is all packed and I gotta admit, its feels weird to be able to fit most of your life in a lil car. Here are the pictures of the flaming tomato all loaded up with everything needed to start a new life on the west coast.

I have to admit, I m a very good packer when it comes to getting stuff in a car. Okay, next Blog post will be on the road from Long Beach, Ms. Later Gang!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Got a phone call

Okay Guys,

I know its been over a week since I last posted on here, but between work and Christmas and stuff, I haven't found the time. But on to the news at hand!

Last night I was at Moms giving her a lesson on her laptop when the phone rang. It was the lease management company in Los Angeles. They called me to tell me I was approved for an apartment in L.a. and that I need to call them in the morning to get info on getting a deposit out to them! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! what a lovely Christmas gift..............that I have to pay for...........wait a minute!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Thursday Thirteen for 12/14/06: Things to do in Cali when your dead!

Okay, its time for the Thursday Thirteen and since I wanna stay on theme, this week is 13 things I wanna see once I'm settled in Cali! So in no particular order:

13: The Donut Hole, La Punte, Ca.: Yes, Californians love their donuts almost as much as Canadians do, and yes, L.a. has ALOT of giant donuts *Randy's and Kendall's come to mind* but only one you can actually DRIVE THRU! Yes, built in 1958, The Donut Hole is a giant donut you drive thru to get your order. I'll just order coffee, watching my weight an all, and I'll be sure to avoid hitting a giant sprinkle (actually, the donut is a plain donut, so your giant sprinkle safe!)

12: Disneyland/California Experience. Anaheim, Ca: Living next to Disneyworld all these years makes you spoiled. Its is so easy to just zip down to the park and have fun all day, and it makes other parks around the country look kinda lame, but I am very excited to see the original. I wanna know how much of Walt is still in it. (And I heard a rumor a certain Beautiful SPer can get me in for free! and I'm not even a member of LiMBO! Maybe if I'm nice to her, she'll take me!)

11: San Diego Comic Con, San Diego, Ca: This is the BIGGEST comic convention in the nation, and its goes so beyond comic books to TV shows, movies and all things GEEK! I have wanted to go for years and now I have the chance! WOOOOOO!

10: The Nethercutt Collection, Sylmar,Ca: Its a house full of antique cars, Mechanical Musical Instruments and Antique furniture. Sounds Like I could really get into just wandering around in there for awhile!

9: Hearst Castle, San Simeon, Ca: William Randolph Hearst built this huge castle which is now a state park. Beautiful building and surrounding gardens. Always have wanted to see it!

8: Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, Ca: Okay, I know San Fran is not exactly close to L.a., but I have always wanted to see it and I'll be closer than I've ever been before. So get the walking cocktails ready, Bento is coming soon!

7: Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, Ca: Even though I have been spoiled by Disney, this place has always looked like fun! And I hear they have awesome Fried chicken. need to check this place out

6: The Getty Center, Los Angeles, Ca.: Went past the Getty on the way to Santa Monica and saw the tram that takes you to the center itself, which is on the top of a mountain. The Getty is a very unique art museum, they also have rotating and touring exhibits as well, and of course, the tram ride to the top is worth it alone!

5: The Queen Mary, Long Beach, Ca.: One of the great old ships of the cunard line back when ships were used as transportation, not just cruising. Also right next door is a Russian sub!

4: Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, Ca.: In Griffith park, the observatory was opened in 1935, was in "rebel without a cause" and I've always wanted to see it!

3: Alpine Village, Torance, Ca.: Ahhhh, the German in me wants to check this out, get some sausage and German pastries and heck, maybe some lederhosen! Gemutlichkiet!

2: The Tonight Show, Burbank, Ca.: AHHH, Jay. I really wanna see the Tonight Show live. Hey, maybe Taylor will be a guest! that would rock!

1: The Petersen, Los Angeles, Ca.: See last weeks 13! Its gonna rock!